Birthing4Blokes Partner Subscription Offer (beta)

Important detail: This offer is for Birth Professionals only.
When this is not clear to us, we reserve the right to ask for some proof.
In case the requirement isn't met, we will cancel your subscription and block access.

About the Partner Subscription for Birth Professionals

When the Birthing4Blokes Online Course was born I knew from day one that birthing professionals would be key to this high value information getting out there to the men and their partners who will benefit from it.

When I was doing live, week by week programs, face to face, most of the men that came to the groups, came because they were sent by a woman, either their pregnant partners or birth professionals. In this last 3 month period alone nearly a 1,000 copies of Men, Love & Birth were sold. I know that these sales figures are largely due to women recommending the book.

We offer an affiliate program that is designed to give self employed birth professionals a way of creating a revenue streams (important to all business owners) from material that they would be recommending anyway because we share the same values. We have benefited from the feedback and comments we have received from our affiliate base (just over 100). Time and time again they have told us that they wanted ways to include the B4B Online Course in the package of preparation they are already offering their clients. Having the affiliate link wasn't giving them the flexibility they wanted.

So, in response to this feedback we are now offering a monthly subscription package. Read on!

Right after we launched the very first round of this new offering we got this inspiring message from Sarah in one of our Facebook groups! 

The Offer:

With the Partner Subscription you are enabled to invite your customers to The Birthing4Blokes Online Course. The birth preparation course designed for men by men, providing everything a man needs to be fully prepared. Learn more about the Online Course here.

Think about the potential to add value to what you already offer your clients! It's huge. Some business owners choose to increase the price of what they are already doing to cover the costs of the low monthly subscription. Others will see it as an opportunity to give their clients a bonus for joining their existing program and others will use this service to increase their revenue significantly. And of course, if you're already an affiliate; your status as an affiliate will be unaffected, so sales of the product through your affiliate link will still generate revenue.

Three options are available:

Option 1 :  For £15 a month, you as a birth professional will have access to 2 logins to the B4B Online Course

Option 2 :  For £25 a month, you as a birth professional will have access to 5 logins to the B4B Online Course

Option 3 :  For £45 a month, you as a birth professional will have access to 10 logins to the B4B Online Course

The following goes with all options:

  • play
    There is no minimum contract period. You pay per month with automatic payment and you can cancel anytime
  • play
    You have control over these logins, you will be able to add your customers directly to the system yourself, or send links to the customers for them to add themselves
  • play
    With the Partner Subscription, you yourself will also have access to the Birthing4Blokes Online Course
  • play
    The men will have access for long as you, the birth professional, chooses that access to continue
  • play
    Unlike the core product, which is delivered automatically over a six week period one video at a time, the version available through birth professionals will be able to be completed at the pace the man or the birht professional chooses
  • play
    When one of the men finishes the program, you will be able to remove him from the system and add another.
  • play
    You can switch between the 3 subscription options we offer anytime you want

Get started now by choosing the option which suits you most and click 'Join Us'.

Option 1


User Logins

Price: 15 GBP per month

Option 2


 User Logins

Price: 25 GBP per month

Option 3


User Logins

Price: 45 GBP per month

* We'll be developing an upgrade of the core program and with the re-launch we will increase the price.

Not sure Yet?

Mark is available for a WhatsApp / Phone Call or Skype chat. Just press the button, fill in the contact form and he will come back to you.

Our commitment to you:

1. The core product will continue to be marketed directly to men by us, the price will be £97, and may in the future increase as we add value to it. We have on going plans to add audio clips, update the videos, expand the PDFs etc

2. We will support your marketing of the B4B’s online program through the production of video’s and materials aimed at both men and women. Free subscribers to the website already benefit from a bi weekly newsletter full of free tips and stories related to birth etc and a weekly 10 minute podcast is on the way.

3. We are shortly launching a website for birth professionals (this isn't live yet), here we will be posting resources and materials aimed at supporting you in your work and continuing professional development as birth professionals.

4. Our aim, is that through the subscriber program a network of partners will develop, who are working together to transform the experience of birth for women and their partners worldwide.

We got this raving e-mail, from the girlfriend of James who did our program.
We get similar messages from men and their partners on a weekly basis:

If you want to experience the best birth possible and have a partner who is eager to enable you to do that but hasn't got a clue what to do.... encourage your partner to do the b4b online program...

If you are struggling with pregnancy and don't know how to get your partner to understand encourage your partner to do the B4B Online Program...

If your partner wants to be hands on but doesn't know the best way... this on line program helps him know

We had a hypnobirthing therapist who advised James to do this online program because he wanted to be the birthing partner I wanted him to be... it helped James understand what I needed and his role in the whole process... James became empowered and not at all scared and quite frankly was bloody amazing during labour because he learned to trust me and my wishes and trust himself to do right by me...

James has found your program invaluable, not only through the labour but for understanding my needs before and after.

Lucy Carr
New mother whose partner did the B4B Online Course    

How to add customers to your Partner Subscription
so they can access The Birthing4Blokes Online Course?

It is very easy to add customers to your subscription. Jos made a video to show you how that works.